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    for Today

    Values are the principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgement of what is important in life.


    To achieve the greatest degree of contentment and happiness we need to live by the natural human values i.e. those which are consistent with our nature.


    Timeless Values for Today is an attempt to remind us about these natural values

  • About Timeless Values

    Integrity,  Service  &  Silence

    Natural Human Values

    Natural human values are held dear in the heart of all human beings. All traditions, secular and spiritual, acknowledge these values, sometimes called virtues, and provide guidance on their importance and how to live by them.

    Love, Truth , Justice & Freedom

    Universal values such as, Love, Truth, Justice and Freedom are natural to us and when we live by them the result is peace and happiness, which is what we all seek. Such values are naturally appreciated by all human beings although due to our full freedom of choice, other values are often chosen in preference e.g. Wealth, Fame, Power and Pleasure, under the mistaken belief that they will bring peace and happiness. In themselves these materialistic values are not wrong, but all too often the continual desire to have their fruits e.g. money and pleasure, becomes dominant and they then  become the basis for our decisions. The inevitable consequence of this is Excess; not knowing what is enough, not knowing when to stop.

    Measurable Results vs Values

    A pattern has been emerging over the years in all aspects of life , from classrooms to boardrooms. Success is measured by quantitative results, be it examination grades, business profits, yearly earnings, numbers of friends on Facebook, the price of your car or house etc etc. As a result natural human values such as honesty, fairness, compassion are all too often ignored or compromised. For example, someone may lie or pay a bribe to get a business deal, or cheat to get better exam results.

    The Need Today

    The consequence of basing our decisions on the wrong values is stress and tension which is being experienced on a large scale in our society, by adults and children as well. The degree of mental illness and the breakdown of families have risen dramatically in the last 20 years which is strong indicator that something is not right in society today.

    What has been seen as a need today for all of us, especially young people, is to be reminded more often about the natural values and as well as the guidance that has been offered down through the ages about how to live these values.

    Timeless Values

    Timeless Values for Today, is a compilation of Value-based resources, using traditional communication methods, like books, and modern technology, like apps and websites like this one, to offer reminders. Hopefully we can make a contribution to shift the focus from results to values, from short term success to real and lasting happiness.

  • Values Resources

    What We Offer @ Timeless Values

  • Books

  • If I Can.........APP

    If I can …Daily Online/ Phone App

    A daily offering relating to one of 52 values including an If I can statement about the value of the day, a quote from one of various traditions; spiritual and secular, east & west, and an open ended question for self-reflection on the application of the value to my life. Subscribers are provided a daily email reminder which contains a link to the If I can website where the content is accessed along with other values resources, such as stories and a YouTube playlist of videos about values.

    See www.ificanapp.com


    If I can…Schools version: a daily offering relating to one of 36 values geared to young people, which is composed of the same elements i.e. an If I can statement about the value of the day, a quote and an open ended question for self-reflection on the application of the value to my life. The Schools version and the other values based resources e.g. stories and videos are available on the Resources page of the If I Can… website. http://ificanapp.com/resources  

  • Training Programmes

    Inspired by Timeless Philosophy, Ethics and Spirituality


    Practical Philosophy

    How do you know who you are? Or why you are?

    An introductory course of ten weeks, week-day evenings or Saturday mornings, on timeless, practical philosophy. The course provides an opportunity to consider philosophical ideas and questions of real relevance to all our lives. Paul will be tutoring the Monday evening session.

    See www.practicalphilosophy.com.


    The course is being offered FREE OF CHARGE, apart from a £10 administration fee. This is part of the School of Economic Science’s Philosophy Curriculum





    Vision & Values

    In business today the pressure for short term personal gain has resulted in excessive greed and corruption causing a significant loss of public trust. We will offer in this talk some guidelines for conducting business according to fine principles that also delivers sustainable profits.



    Online Course


    Subscribe to receive a 30-week online course on values in business. Each day you will a mix of:
    • If I can… challenges about the value covered that week
    • Video interviews of experienced business leaders who have used values to succeed in business
    • Stories and popular YouTube & Facebook videos about the value
    • A mindfulness exercise designed to bring you to a greater degree of stillness so that you can consider…
    • A reflective question about how you can apply the value in your life
    • A weekly Feedback session
    Subscribe to receive our 30 module interactive e-learning course on values in business. Each day you will receive a mix of:
    • Text and video material about the value, including input from Business Schools Professors and management text books
    • If I can… challenges about the value covered that week
    • Video interviews of experienced business leaders who have used values to succeed in business
    • Stories and popular YouTube & Facebook videos about the value
    • A mindfulness exercise designed to bring you to a greater degree of stillness so that you can consider…
    • A reflective question about how you can the apply the value in your life
    • A feedback session on each module
    NOTE: The E-learning version should be released by the end of 2018.
    £3.99 (To be released by the end of 2018)
    A more in-depth exploration of the values based management approach behind ethical business and sustainable success. The topics covered are:
    Session 1 The State of Business in Society Today
    Session 2 Trust in Business
    Session 3 The Millennial View of Business
    Session 4 Values in Business
    Session 5 Ethical Entrepreneur Values Profile
    Session 6 Inspiring Leadership & Meditation
    Session 7 Ethical Decision-Making & Mindfulness
  • Lectures and Articles

    A number of Values related articles, presentations and lecture texts are offered for free use.

  • The Ethical Entrepreneur

    Vision and Values

    Ethical & Effective

    -the introductory video to the drama based video and e-learning course on business ethics.


    Malta TV Interview

    Brahma Kumaris UK

    Beyond Fear-Harnessing the Power of Silence


    My talk is from 14:33 until 33:33

    Indian TV Part 1 

    A 4 part series tracing my life's journey from birth and early years in the US to a period living in Brussels and the last 35 years in London. The main themes running through all the parts are universal human values, the power of silence and of the present moment and meditation. Part1 gives the story behind the development of the If I can App.

    Part 2 & 3

    Covering primarily Spirituality in Business and the book From Principles to Profit

    Part 4

    Deals with promotion and support of teaching Sanskrit in schools under the auspices of the charity Sanskrit @ St James.

  • Paul Palmarozza- Career Summary

    Integrity,  Service  &  Silence

    Business Experience

    Paul who has worked in management positions for 48 of his 53 year business career was initially employed for 16 years by the global computer company, Control Data, in both the US & Brussels. His last assignment for them was as General Manager of a new computer based education business, the first of its kind in Europe.

    In 1980 he was accepted for a one year Diploma in Education programme at Oxford University, where in addition to his studies he worked with Headmasters of schools and educational consultants also attending the course to explore how computers could best applied in Education. His conclusion at the end of the course was that computers were not well suited for primary education and so in 1981 he moved to London and set up as a self-employed consultant in the field of computer based training or e-learning as it has come to be known.

    After helping many companies learn about and then introduce this new technology and also acting as an advisor to the UK Government’s Manpower Services Commission, in 1987 he founded an e-learning based training company, Intellexis, which specialised in financial training. Intellexis grew steadily developing more than 70 hours of financial training, much of which was offered in 9 languages. The courses were used extensively by many of the world’s largest companies e.g. Nestle, Unilever, IBM, Rolls Royce.

    In 2001 Intellexis became a public company listed on the London AIM Stock Exchange. Paul was initially the CEO and then later took up a positon of developing the International business in countries like India and China. Intellexis Plc later changed its name to the ILX Group after a series of acquisitions and is now part of the Progility Plc who are still listed on AIM. Paul retired from the organisation in 2011.


    Principled Business

    In 2012 Paul and Chris Rees, founded the Principled Business partnership offering drama based ethics training. Their course, Ethical & Effective, is available in DVD and e-learning formats as well in classroom sessions. They have also co-authored a book, From Principles to Profit. http://www.principledbusiness.co.uk 

    Principles Business was closed down in 2018


    Guest Lecturer at Regents University(London) Business School on their Entrepreneurship Programme.

    Charitable Activities- unpaid services

    School of Economic Science

    For 43 years Paul has been a member of this education charity offering programmes in Economics and Philosophy based on both the teaching of the both western and eastern spiritual traditions.

    For 40 years he has been a tutor of Philosophy courses. He studied a number of subjects in the school including Calligraphy, Plato and Sanskrit in which he is still actively involved. For the last 11 years Paul has been the Assistant Organiser of a major yearly arts festival run by the School called Art in Action. It is a 4 day event which attracts around 20-25,000 visitors each year and is run entirely by volunteers - about 600 each day. See websites www.artinaction.org.uk and www.schooleconomicscience.org.uk


    St James School

    Founded in 1975 St James School offers education for students, boys and girls, from 4-5 years old up to the end of secondary school at 18 years old. Over the past 35 years Paul has served the school in various capacities e.g. Careers Advisor, Head of Fund Raising, Head of Meditation tutorials for the Senior Boys school and Manager of St James Publishing , an operation founded to enable the St James teachers to write their own text books. www.stjamesschool.co.uk


    Sanskrit @ St James

    Since 2012 he has been the Director of a charitable operation, Sanskrit @ St James, whose aim is the promotion and support for the teaching of Sanskrit in schools. Their activities include raising the awareness of the value of the subject, developing teaching materials for teachers and students, running teacher training courses and promoting and supporting the expansion of the Cambridge Sanskrit exams www.sanskritatstjames.org.uk   www.sanskritexams.org.uk


    If I Can...CIC

    In 2013 he founded If I Can...CIC, a community interest company, which is offering the If I can… values app and various other values based resources described on this site at no charge. www.ificanapp.com

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